Welcome to V.I.C Karaoke Productions

With over 20 years operating and managing karaoke, DJ, and entertaining at various bars, private functions,  You can rely on us for your requirements

Services include:

V.I.C Entertainment Ltd:

Bars, Clubs, Privates, Corporates, Event Management, Entertainment, DJ etc

V.I.C Entertainment Ltd is the Governing Body over all the Services we offer.

V.I.C Karaoke Productions:

NZ and Australian music plus International songs hard to get songs put on karaoke. Main focus is NZ and Australian music so if you have a request message me and i'll see what I can do

My Producers are:

Eddie Tuala - Polynesian Karaoke Producer - He does anything polynesian

Aleksander Calinan (America) - Musician extraodinaire. Been with me since I started he brings to light the Kiwi and Australian and international songs

Hikaiti Witika - Once Songs are produced comes back to me and I put the lyrics and add the final touches before Releasing to the Public

All Royalties paid through Apra/Amcos

Permissions are sort after to use content

Special Mention:

We've introduced Pro Series this is where artists have sent original backing tracks through

I'd like to thank:

Waatea Music for coming on board. Artists so Far:

Abbie, Howie Morrison Jnr, Ray Bishop and Riqi Harawira, NLC

Also Ray Solomon and Johanna Hemara for your original backings

Everything has been going through Apra but from now on if I can't get permissions then I can't release songs and some artists don't want their songs on Karaoke which is fair enough.

We've also introduced PK Series which is our Polynesian Karaoke Produced by Eddie and Aleksander

Karaoke Fever:

Karaoke Team that Travels the country putting on Karaoke Shows in Concert Format - We choose destination get hold of venue and if they say yes we go. Very family orientated team we love to perform and mix with the locals also the locals get up and become part of Karaoke Fever for the night

Karaoke Shop

Have teamed with Pick n Mix Australia and KHE Entertainment in Importing Karaoke into NZ which will be happening this year

V.I.C Records

Launching February 6th Is our very own Recording Label for Karaoke Singers

This is to allow Karaoke Singers to shine and hopefully get noticed through air play on the radio recording albums etc

Kaitiaki Waiata

5 Piece Vocal Group

Members are:

Hikaiti Witika

Wade Heke

Evangeline Smith

Faiaoga Taula (Tony)

Morgan Anya

We Try and Cover all genres and to try and keep you on the dance floor.

Kiwi and International flava

Coming to a Town near you soon

Please note: When downloading vouchers please give up to 24 hours for voucher code to come through. I do have gigs at night so will send through code when i get home. Thank you