V.I.C Karaoke Starz

Recording Label for Karaoke Singers

Meet The Team

Hikaiti Witika

CEO - VIC Entertainment Ltd, Karaoke Fever, VIC Karaoke Productions and VIC Karaoke Starz


Karaoke KJ



Eddie Tuala


CEO - Polynesian Karaoke and Club Karaoke

CEO - Eddie Tuala Productions and Graphic Designs


Aleksander Caliman

My name is Aleksander Caliman, I am 43 years old and I am a producer, musician, multi instrumentalist (Guitar: electric, acoustic, classical, flamenco; Electric bass, piano, keyboard, drums) and Audio Engineer, I studied music theory, guitar and piano since  At age 8, I joined my first musical group at age 13 where I composed the songs, played the guitar and sang, I have played with multiple bands throughout my almost 30 years of music career, and I have recorded and produced more than 300  songs of all musical genres, Rock, Pop, Country, Ballads, Electronic, Latin, Classical Arrangements, Orchestration, and even Indian music ...


Jesse Wilde

CEO - Jesse Wilde Studio's


Multiple Albums

Jesse isn't officially part of the team but we will be using his studio for our bigger productions and people who want a live recording rather than backing tracks

Maria Kieni

Marketing Manager

Maria Brings a wealth of Experience in Promotions and her own style of productions. She's been part of Karaoke Fever from the beginning and has been part of what I do for 4 years

She'll be floating around at various shows not just mine recording and putting snippets on Line.

Maria will be our marketing guru who also will be forming her own team under her as well so can't wait


Easana Storm
Talent Agent / Talent Manager / Event Management / Community Leader /
Performer - Auckland

Raniera & Katrina Rakena.
Talent Agent / Talent Manager / Event Management / CEO - Boss Entertainment
Performer/ Karaoke KJ

So we have a lot of CEO's and Leaders in their own right on board with our Venture this makes up a Fantastic Team for a Fantastic Journey

Our goal is to Record and Promote our Top Karaoke Singers hopefully get them air time on the Radio and to do Albums.

Our Goal is also to be the Pioneers in changing the Face of Karaoke in NZ and Australia then on to the world

We Promise to do everything with Intregrity, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect and Excellence which are our core Values

Launch Date 6th February 7pm to 8pm